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Relationships - Learning and Growing
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Vid1Finding the right partner; looking at why past relationships may have not worked out; expressing yourself; moving outside of comfort zone7.5Coach has client focus on her expectations. Some good ideas for clearing out past problems and for stretching the client. 28
Preparing for a New Career Move
256K | 56K
Vid1Feeling qualified; figuring out the next steps to take towards your dream career 7Coach empowers the client to feel qualified and ready to take action. Some good clarifying questions.34
Stress Management
256 | 56K
Vid1Strategies for finding a partner; understanding why you are stressed; getting clear on your wants and goals; looking at the journey and the destination; changing your perspective9.5Coach helped turn a wall into many possibilities. Clarifies the causes of stress. Gets the client to face the underlying fears and begin to discuss what they really want to do in their life. Coach also challenges the client to do something totally different from what they expect!31
Find a Partner With Freedom and Fun!
256K | 56K
Vid1Talking about the results of last session's actions; finding out more about yourself; starting to think about what you want from a relationship8.5Client saw huge benefits from relatively small changes in her life. Coach reinforced the benefits & challenged the client - AND backed off nicely when the client became overstressed by some suggestions.28
Establishing a New Health Plan
Vid1Working on the ways to make improvements to our health and well-being9Coach helped client view her fear as a positive; to go way beyond her comfort zone. Helped define specific actions she could take to eat well and get fit. 25
If You Fear Rejection - Go for Rejection.
256K | 56K
Vid1Discussion about rejection and what it means to us7The coach offers some clarifying thoughts and moves client into right frame of mind to begin to change habits. 19


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