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When Someone Has Hurt You Rel To notice when a relationship is incomplete; to look for the truth of how you are feeling about it; to find what there is to say; to be inspired to be complete with everyone close to you, especially when it hurts 9 Coach is able to be present with very strong emotion, and to support and acknowledge the client for being vulnerable and courageous. Creates a powerful possibility with the client for self-expression and love. 7
Goal Negotiation for Couples Rel How to have a conversation with your partner to enroll them in your goals; creating a win-win 6 The coach assists the client in getting clear about the goal and to communicate the goal with clarity to their partner. Enrolling the partner in the goal is a key distinction, as opposed to complaining or forcing. 4
Balancing Your Partner's Needs With Yours Rel Understanding what balance means in a relationship; how much do you focus on your partner, and how much on yourself? 7 The client is very agreeable to what the coach is suggesting. Not much input from the client - not sure if the client is dealing with this issue or not. It would be helpful to include what issue the client is dealing with and addressing that. 6
Time to Get What You Want Rel Being aware of when you are putting yourself last in the relationship and understanding the costs of doing so; how to shift the relationship so that you create what you want while getting the support you need from your partner 9 The client sees how she is putting herself 2nd in the relationship - leading to discontent. The coach assists the client in seeing the difference between giving something up/compromise versus doing something to be with the one you love. 20
Stand Up for You in Your Relationship! Rel See how we rely on others in making our decisions; learn how to make your own decisions and then allow your partner to make the next move without trying to work out the next 100 moves! 9 The client really gets the concept of possibility in relationships. Both parties have options in relating to each other and in relating to individual needs in the relationship. The client realises she can get the support from her partner by asking for it. 11
Training Your Man Rel As opposed to being resigned or complaining; learn about training your man to get what you want and how to make it fun for both of you; this can also be applied to every relationship 10 A very powerful session using a model to explain behaviour between men and women. The client got a lot of value from this session. 5
Your Vision For Your Perfect Relationship Rel How to identify the purpose of your relationship; define what commitment means to you; identify the playing grounds for your relationship; identify how/where you will meet the perfect person you want to meet 10 The coach asks defining moment questions of the client regarding where the client is, what they want in a relationship, and what it looks like when the relationship shows up for the client. This really brings some clarity to the client about who he is, what he expects, and what he needs to be happy in choosing a person for himself. 20
Breaking Up and Moving On Rel Moving through your emotions in a break up and moving on 8 Great interaction between coach and client. Coach provides clear solutions. 19
How to Pay Attention Rel How to pay attention to your woman without compromising yourself; good for both sexes 8 Role play offers tremendous value to the client. Client gains insight into how they are being in their relationship. 11
Give Up Knowing What Others Want Rel Learn that we don't have to know what is best for our family; if we ask, and we listen, they will tell us. 9 The coach zeros in on what the client learned from the coaching session - for a client to get they need to give up knowing the needs of his family during a session is a huge breakthrough. 1


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