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A Structure For Feeling Peace Gen2 Becoming accountable for actions; structuring a specific goal; action plan to implement goal 8 The coach was very encouraging throughout the session. Questioning style, persistence and reinforcement of points proved to be very effective. Turned discussion into action and made the client accept accountability. 15
A Much Bigger View of Life Gen2 Introducing 'fun' into life / goal setting; implementing structure into life planning; gaining direction and linking this with integrity 8 Dealt with an advanced client particularly well. Direct, straightforward and was able to add value to someone who is already quite 'aware'. Shared excellent tools and examples. Audio a little poor at times. Encouraged the client to think big and tap into additional issues for future discussion e.g. relationship imbalance. 9
Self- Acceptance 101 Gen2 Working through personal definition of 'lack of confidence'; identifying personal barriers / fear; respecting & accepting self 7 Coach dealt with a flat/down person very well. Proved to be comfortable in a difficult situation. Took risks to get her to open up. Checked client's understanding / connection before moving on. Towards end, the process moved quite slowly - getting a little stagnant. Coach lifted the mood of the conversation significantly at end. Great example of dealing with a 'resistant' or difficult client. 19
Standing Up For Your Values in the Toughest Situation Gen2 Coach was supportive yet confronted very difficult issues with client; helped client see difficult situations from very different perspectives; empowered client to make hard choices by showing there is a conflict with her values and current plan 9.5 This was coaching at its best. The coach worked with the client through a very emotional situation regarding her son. The coach guided the client to a place where she recognized that she needed to honour her values at the risk of making her son angry. Coach was respectful yet focused. Coach should have also referred her to a legal practioner as there were legal issues involved. 16
Setting Up Self-Care Structures Gen2 Identifying practices which support vs. abuse 'self'; introducing a simple plan to start positive practices 7.5 Another superb example. Coach gave the client a clear example of some strategies for self-care, helped her set up a chart, revealed his own struggle with these issues and made it clear that this was not a TEST - that it was up to her what went on the list and how to implement it. 7
Self-Care, Now! Gen2 How to finally take responsibility for looking after yourself; covers "pain management" in a physical and emotional sense 9 The analogy of the terrorist attacks put things into perspective - highlighted 'coping' issues. Coach was very supportive. The coach could have picked up on the recurring issue of "stress levels" and explored it further - perhaps a missed opportunity. Altogether, some excellent coaching here. 28
Completing The Past - a Tough Conversation Gen2 Preparing for a difficult, personal discussion; implementing an action plan; gaining commitment to the plan. 9 Really highlighted enthusiastic, personal style of coach. Demonstrated positive approach and simplified the process in dealing with a difficult issue. 8
How to Be You! Gen2 How to tell the truth to people; authenticity; being vulnerable. 8.5 This clip takes quite a while to get there. However, a great example of bringing a client who is distracted back on track. Effectively minimised emotion and was able to encourage the client to explore tough issues around her behaviour. Great feedback was provided following the role play. Stretched the client while 'checking in' for comfort level. 30
Never Enough

Gen2 Steps to finding your way out of a rut; overcome frustration; changing negative attitudes; setting achievable targets; being present and enjoying the present; tips on time management and prioritising 8.5 Coach gives the client some powerful clarifying questions, which immediately uncover a real block. The coach then starts to get the client to think of what can be done in the present moment to enjoy their life. Coach also offers some new techniques for the client to manage their work life. 23


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