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Letting Go of Your Old Career - Now! Gen1 Finding peace at work; the value of being honest and clear with your intentions; facing the risk of letting go of an old career; staying with a job you hate versus being fearless 8 Tells a story that is easily relatable to the client's circumstance. Acknowledging the client's progress. Tying down specifc dates for actions to happen. Great suggestions for changing the perception of being financially supported by a partner. 20
The Power of Choice Gen1 Accepting the choices you make and following through on them; re-choosing each day; how to play 'victim' and how to play 'powerful' 9 Coach asks good clarifying questions; uses great real life examples on how to be responsible. Strong opinions in this coaching. 5
Power of Alignment Gen1 Recognising what it means when you start 'feeling good'; how you can use that energy for more change 9 Coach is quick to get client talking about what is going well. Coach clarifies the feelings and supports the client in using that energy. 1
Go Easy On Yourself Gen1 Realising the value of what you have done; being able to trust your own judgement each day 7 Good example of encouraging the client and helping the client to help themselves. 3
How to Have a Very Difficult Conversation Gen1 Having the courage to say what you think; facing the fear of rejection/ confrontation 10 Coach is very supportive and understanding of the difficult circumstances. Makes the client realise the situation is within her power to change. Does a role play that is very powerful for the client. Encourages immediate action. 21
Perfectionism? Lighten Up Gen1 Learning to have fun and taking time to enjoy life; stop trying to be so perfect 8 Coach gets the client to think of actions and then helps them to tie down specifics. 9
Learn to Say No and Enjoy It Gen1 Learning to say no and not feel obligated 8 Coach gets the client down to basics and helps her clarify what she is trying to say. Encourages fun. 8
Forgive and Move On Gen1 Getting clear on the feelings that are held behind the 'stories' in our lives; clarifying what you feel now about past issues 9 Client is slow to get to 'the issue'. The coach redirects the session well - brings it into the present moment - and finds the source. Works with the emotions behind the stories.  18
Everyday is a Successful One Gen1 Recognising your successes along the way; keeping your mind in check while heading toward your targets; enjoying the journey 7 Breaks the client's pattern of beating herself up about things not completed. Dispells her negative self-belief. Some religious references. The breakthrough comes at the end. 21
Father-Daughter Breakthrough Gen1 Facing up to our own shortcomings; having the courage to change; how to ask a relative what they want you to change 8 Coach acknowledges client's actions. Helps the client to get clear on what benefits have resulted from his actions. 3


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