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Create Your Own Materials/Forms CS2 Unsticking clients seeking new career options; developing regular coaching practices; converting regular practices into marketing materials; not reinventing the wheel 6.5 4
How to Manage Your Newsletter List Without Going Crazy CS2 Information and recommendations on cost effective solutions for automated web communication; auto-responders, advanced newsletter features and facilities; tips and guidance; in two weeks do what has taken others 3 years 8 12
Marketing Engine - Getting Clients Via Alliances CS2 Ideas and approach to promote your coaching practice through alliances; How to obtain referrals from your existing clients; developing a compelling offer 6 14
Creating a Website That Sells I CS2 Purpose of a website; how to convey who you really are; building a relationship via your website; questions to consider; the critical progression from free products to higher priced products 8 8
Creating a Website That Sells II CS2 Creating a target market; ideas for your website: quizzes, insights, types of photos; what information to capture about site visitors 8 9
Creating a Website That Sells III CS2 How to attract clients to your site; what clients are looking for; focusing on clients' issues and how to help them; a template of a proven methodology and format 8 9
How to Get Traffic To Your Web Site CS2 Insights into web traffic, free options and paid services; importance of key words; understanding search engines; guidance, advice and recommendations to maximise your click rate 7 13
Don't Find Excuses, Just Do It CS2 Following through on commitments; overcoming breakdowns in accountability; maintaining your integrity; honouring your commitment 8 1
What To Do When They Don't Do Their Homework CS2 Uncovering the issues when clients fail to do their homework; giving clients the ability to say 'no' and to honour their word; self-esteem and the fear of doing it wrong 9.5 23
Convert Exploratory Sessions into Signed Clients - Advanced CS2 Converting prospects into clients; a process to ensure all enquirers become clients; discount options; trial offer ideas; overcoming objections 7.5 10
How to Get Public Speaking Gigs CS2 Some ideas and inspiration on how to get your first public speaking gigs 7 5
Getting Paid for Speaking Gigs CS2 Marketing and pricing tips for speaking assignments; the value of testimonials; negotiating win/win pricing 7 13


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