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Title Mod What You'll Learn In This Clip Score
Setting Up a Coaching Plan and Structure CS1 Designing the Alliance; setting up structures; rules of the game; keeping client accountable; how to begin 9 18
Setting and Negotiating Your Fee CS1 Putting a dollar value on your coaching; fee- setting; ensuring people are ready to commit to coaching; coaching friends 9 17
Overcoming Anxiety About Getting a First Client CS1 From anxiety to confidence; creating an action plan; initiating contact with prospective clients; selling your coaching 8 8
Setting Up a New Client CS1 Example of first session; outlining some of the 'rules'; asking for referrals; acknowledging client; beginning an action plan; getting accountability 9 13
When Clients Don't Show Up CS1 How a coach can ensure clients call on time and don't miss calls; holding clients accountable; clarifying clients' commitment; following up when a client does miss a call 7.5 13
Client Documentation - Managing The Paperwork! CS1 What to keep track of; master sheet; weekly info; homework tracking 8 5
Finding a Client's Life Purpose CS1 How to coach for life purpose; lots of ideas, direction, and examples. 9 15
Overcoming Your Fear of Coaching CS1 What keeps coaches from being successful: fears, lack of confidence, gremlins; takes a look at commitment; passion for coaching; making a difference; being authentic 8 9
Getting Clients - Your Network CS1 Creating a list of categories that all your contacts fall into; the importance of communicating your intentions; creating a communication plan and approach 8.5 8
Dealing with 'Sliding' Clients CS1 Dealing with clients who are not committed or accountable; establishing guidelines and strategies to counteract this issue; becoming a 'strong' coach 7 22
Enrolling Clients from Your Heart CS1 Enrolling a client from the heart 7 3
Finding a Client's Gap CS1 Helping client to see the gap that coaching can fulfill 7 1


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